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“Power Your Life” Radio Interview

little BLUEPRINT CEO and parenting expert Katherine Eskovitz talks in-depth with Jo Anne White about plan-based parenting, and empowering children to strengthen their executive function skills. Full episode here:...
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Smart Mom Picks: little BLUEPRINT Books Help Kids Take Control of Scary Situations

LittleBLUEPRINT books give kids an actionable plan to help them handle a tricky situation. The books cover topics such as dealing with the death of a loved one, the loss of a pet, or the change in routine that comes...
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Katherine Eskovitz Talks In-Depth About Brain Science and the Importance of Making Plans with Stanley Bronstein of
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Huffington Post: 7 Reasons a Girlfriend Escape Is a Mommy Must

  Dedicated to my Cornell girlfriends. Being on an airplane without my children feels like mistakenly leaving my house without a bra. Something is not right. And yet, it’s liberating, particularly as I am headed to an annual escape with...
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